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Subseven Productions is a full-service production and creative design company. We specialize in the fine arts of audio, film/video and multimedia production.

Subseven Productions was founded and is operated by Matthew Patrick Heeney. With over ten years experience in production and creative design, Heeney serves as Principal, Producer and Engineer of Subseven Productions. Subseven Productions audio, film/video & multimedia production services have reached out to a broad range of clientele including recording artists, musicians, film makers, radio stations, IT/ communications companies, corporate businesses, real estate firms, restaurants and others.

Subseven Productions is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Subseven Productions, which first opened it's Studio A in Boston. MA 2003 includes a team of professional producers, engineers, designers, photographers and multimedia production specialists who thrive on world-class production and creative design projects.

Now operating out of Los Angeles, CA with affiliates in Boston and New York, our services are all with in reach to clientele around the world.

With over a decade of experience in production, networking and communications, Subseven Productions is a leader in technology based production & creative design. From analog, film and paper to digital, HD and streaming we are with you every take, cut and edit along the way. Whether it be a virtual communication or an assembled collaboration, we take your project/production needs with the consideration of our own.

We are a highly dynamic, enthusiastic and responsive group of professionals who take production and creative design very seriously. We strive to ascertain a discriminating eye/ear for all audio, film/video and multimedia production.

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